My folks were thrilled when I was born until they heard the words I muttered. They were hoping to hear "Maa" or "Paa" and I instead blurted out "Caa" (read = Car). 

Owning a car in those days was considered a luxury and most of the time, I commuted in an Auto or a rickety Kaalee Peelee. The sweet odor of the burning fuel and the thrum of the motor spinning at different frequencies kept me intrigued to no end. 

From thereon till date, I haven't spared an opportunity to drive or ride anything that came my way. I am considered the black sheep of my fairly conservative family. I took up commerce in college, and then picked up additional diplomas in computer programming. Stopped there and thought it was enough, until I saw everyone wanting an MBA degree! After working for a few years, I pursued a part-time MBA in Marketing. I really don't know how much it has helped me, yet on paper prospective head-hunters on most occasions would find my candidature desirable.  

A decent accomplishment as when my cousins were busy preparing for IIT, I was trying to learn about after-market parts that could add some oomph to my rides. I have tried my hands at Scooter Rallies, TSDs, Auto Crosses and Drags. Having said that, I've never indulged in any form of street racing that could have jeopardized the lives of those around including my own.

The years of driving and riding have seen me love bikes and cars in equal measure. My garage includes an Enfield Standard 500, a fully blown Karizma - R, a Duke 390, a Maruti Celerio AMT and a Tata Nano. Not to forget carburetors, tools, intake kits and engine oils that add to the home decor at various points in my house.  

I prefer doing road-trips over flying to a destination if it's within the country. Travelling means capturing memories, and photography is something I absolutely love. Even a functional point and shoot camera can keep me happy all day. But just like cars and bikes, having a single piece was never my interest. I love shooting with my all weather proof Nikon that easily blends with the crowd. Given the time and space, one can find me walking at a leisurely pace with my bigger Nikon twins - a D90 Dx and a D810 Fx dangling from both my shoulders.  

In my years of travel, I have met scores of people who have shared their point of view on various subjects. All the dhaaba conversations helped me become more learned and over time I decided to set up my blog to record my observations and experiences.  

And, through my write ups, videos and photographs, I wish to continue to share and learn from all my viewers with whom I wish to connect through my social media channels. I will be more than happy to hear from you if you have questions or if there is any project that you would like to talk about.

You are Amazing. We should Talk.