Big Screen & Popcorn – Haseena Parkar Movie Review

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Haseena Parkar – Movie Review
By Anand  Krishnan – Sep 30th, 2017
The city of Mumbai is gripped in terror and the top honchos from Mumbai’s crime department want to put an end to the multi-crore illegal businesses run by the D-Company headed by Siddhant Kapoor. A fiasco that started in the mid 70’s with the then ruling Pathans in the island city takes an ugly turn when an extremely ambitious and stubborn son from a head constable’s family residing in a disheveled Chawl in Dongri, decides to uproot the rulers of the trade and establish himself.
The movie kicks off with ferocious intensity as revealed by the poster, featuring the main character adorned in an Abaya, wearing Surma and her jaw smacked tight and heavy with paan (betel leaves), after having delivered her verdict from a position righteously considered the mecca of justice.
The Apa, Shraddha Kapoor is the protagonist and a narrative by herself. And that’s evident by the way she evolves through the story from a fearful and an extremely caring sister to being regarded by her community and the citizens at large as the reigning queen cum arbitrator of the city.
Even if one has read countless articles and books around the six decades of Mumbai’s underworld, the Director Apoorva Lakhia has done a stellar job at storytelling, that makes one experience the intricate details that inspired the incidents and the resulting consequences.
The only bit of romance in the not so typical Bollywood style follows soon after the nikkah (wedding) of Haseena with a humble and handsome restaurant owner Ibrahim Parkar (Ankur Bhatia). The latter being an extremely romantic and non-obtrusive husband. Despite which, his fate had its own predictions foretold. The story echoes with blasts and gunshots and is silenced by short and powerful statements narrated effortlessly by the bigots cast. That with an evil and surging background score makes it hard to pick your next popcorn.
So, if the investigative mind in you yearns for something refreshingly different from the hordes of movies made so far about dacoits and gangsters; go watch Haseena Parkar.
I assure you, you will come out bone chilled.
And with the last dialogue – terror prevails.

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