Men buy. Women shop.

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Cindarella once said that a pair of shoes can change your life.

“I have enough clothes and shoes, I don’t need to go shopping”, said no woman ever.

The lines above are not what I think but quoted and accepted the world over. Right here, I am nobody to condemn, admonish, ridicule or chastise either of the sexes when it comes to their preferences. This is purely an unbiased observation shared.

Men go shopping to buy what they want whereas Women go shopping to find out what they want. When a man goes out shopping with a woman, it gets alive when the lady has the opportunity to be the Subject of Desire than the Object. Sprawling shopping malls today are attractive hangout joints besides the mere experience they have to offer. Killing time is not particularly difficult with the added bonus of burning some calories albeit at a very leisurely pace. Unless all that energy expelled is counter balanced by the plethora of options available at the food court somewhere up there or the coffee shops brewing a cuppa that can be complimented with a quick bite.

I have known Tarun and Sandhya, an extremely romantic and good looking couple for a while now. Tarun is a finance geek and into business analytics at a leading foreign bank. Sandhya is chic and a very capable home maker. They hate to stay indoors on weekends and the least they would want to do is a walk in the park close by. Sandhya does not believe in jaw dropping discounts popping out of newspaper advertisements to lure her into a store or a mall. She goes there when her heart lusts for a new apparel but does not necessarily come back with a bag full. Tarun on the other hand is pretty mono-focused and early to return irrespective of what he could or could not find.

Recently, I bumped into him and complimented his foot wear. A casual conversation then got steered towards his recent experience at the mall. Since both of us were in no hurry to return home, I bribed him with a coffee and got him talking since he is such a gifted conversationalist.

He takes his first sip, rolls his tongue over his lips and gently places his cup down. With his eyebrows furrowed, briefly places his forehead in his palms, looks up again adoring a sinister smile and narrates some of his elusive experiences at the mall. As he speaks to me, we almost resonate with each other over our anamneses. His academic and professional background has turned him into a left brainer and hence a purchase is well planned and specifically categorized. That leaves him with no grey area when he is at the counter picking what he has already decided to. Sandhya on the other hand is more intuitive and thoughtful, which is where the confusion steps in between the couple.

Below is what he narrated.

It was another weekend and this time the couple decided to head to Phoenix City, Kurla – Mumbai instead of doing the roundabout of the malls in their vicinity. Sandhya was keen on exploring some of the international brands that had ushered in with some promising merchandise on offer. Tarun had no plans but for a pair of blue suede loafers from Clarkes. The couple spends about four hours at Phoenix and Tarun consumes exactly seventeen minutes to buy his pair, which as per Sandhya was overshot by seven minutes. To make up for this catastrophe, Tarun diverts her attention to the new collection at La Senza. Sandhya responds with a beatific expression.

She appreciates it is her turn to be pampered and walks into the Zara store. Knowing her, Tarun without dropping his ever tremulous smile, seldom asks what she intended to buy. Would he dare to piss his queen off unless he decides to stay famished that night? I don’t think so.

The only savior that Tarun could look forward to was his latest download of Temple Run on his Smart Phone. He had ample opportunity to beat his highest score given the time he would spend here and that only if he were to be left alone. Was he so lucky? Not really! He manages to seat himself between two freshly dressed mannequins sporting what’s the in look this spring.

Just as he is ready to load the game app, he sees a delighted Sandhya standing in front of him holding a high collar and an embroidered long dress in each hand.

Before she could ask his opinion, Tarun puts his phone aside and exclaims “WOW”.

Sandhya amused, “Which one?”

Tarun is now in a fix. Prefers to be diplomatic and suggests she should consider both.

Sandhya seizing the opportunity asks him to follow her to the trial room and hold some patterns outside while she tries them on. This continues for a good 3 hours. During this time Sandhya is seen weaving in and out of the trial room seeking her beloved’s opinion over not just dresses but also over dungarees, strappy jumpsuits, drawstring trousers, draped and décolleté tops. Given Sandhya’s fashion forward wardrobe back home, Tarun barely remembers all that’s in her wardrobe. His dexterity to read her mind and preference was at its absolute pinnacle. She was pretty considerate knowing how patient her darling was and forgave him for some wrong decisions.

Sandhya browsed over some shoes and decided to let go as none really appealed. She holds Tarun around his waist and beings to beguile him towards the billing counter. Just as she does that, Tarun jokingly tells his sweetheart the very reason why women live longer than men. Shopping never caused a heart attack but paying the bills always did. Tarun’s phone lay somewhere deep in his Chinos and his hands are full with half a dozen papers bags full of Sandhya’s dreams dangling from each arm.

Just as they walk the aisle, Sandhya spots the La Senza store at the corner. She takes Tarun’s suggestion too seriously. Her hint of kinkiness sweeps Tarun off his feet. Tired he certainly was but did he refuse?

Well, I don’t know.

Because he never told me anything further about it as we end our chat with a firm hug and retire for the evening.

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