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Have you realized that your daily newspaper seems to be only getting chunkier with generous splash of intensely hued supplements?

A piquant deeper glance makes one come to terms with smart phone apps, big discount sale, a new hot hatch, dream estates, yummy food and so much more being a few contenders that are turning bellicose to occupy premium space.

Everything is boiling down to power to the consumer at his finger tips. You have virtually everything that your smart phone could plan for. No matter where you venture out, a stopover at a fresh joint or a quick service restaurant (QSR) becomes inevitable. The trend is only on the upswing given the foreign brands that have been making a steady entry into our country with delicious menus catering specifically to Indian taste buds. These menus could have originated from countries like Mexico, Italy, US or could be state favorites from within our own country.

No matter what, the desi population seems to have taken to it in a very big away along with the thoughtful accompaniments these menus have to offer in the form of fries, coke, smoothies or just black coffee. More than anything else, it is the setting and the ambience that drives the hungry to walk in and enjoy the experience offered.

Now, the one that I am referring to, found its entry pretty late in India. Its first outlet was opened only in 2014 in the upmarket Saket area, Delhi. Since then they have targeted about 100 new outlets across the country while simultaneously wanting to break the myth that this brand is another QSR unlike the existing biggies like Mc Donald’s, KFC or Subway. You may want to add Taco Belle too.

I am not particularly a foodie but nothing stops me from visiting anything new in town especially when I feel it is not going to be a very elaborate ordeal. So while driving past a busy road late evening and feeling somewhat famished, I pulled over only to be attracted by this new glow board from a distance. The name was familiar and though I had tried it on a foreign shore, my appetite grew larger and was allured to its Indian sibling.

The place read “Burger King” and before I decided to walk in, had enough time to look around. The competitor close by was the Big M in Yellow and could be seen with an inexplicable expression over its counter. The least it wanted to do after having spent close to two decades in the country. I suddenly remembered the morning advertisement that featured in the newspaper announcing a grand opening of the latest outlet of Burger King.

Crowds throng at Burger King
Crowds throng at Burger King

The long Q outside did not surprise me then. I awaited my turn and was greeted with some blaring music from billboard hits like Linkin Park, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift to name a few. The place was already crowded and looked like most tables were occupied by the big Indian family.



Enjoying all that is there at Burger King
Enjoying all that is there

A quick glance over the entrancing A La Carte neatly categorized into burgers, cravers, desserts and beverages took me no time in deciding my supper. While I waited for my order, I realized it was all the same thing under a different name and with a dash of flavor added here and there.

Nevertheless, I went the whole hog from fries, whoppers (burgers) to cravers and dessert. I took a particular liking to the ground meat server and was extremely content with the fill. May be a visit or two more and this place will end up becoming another restaurant vying to attract kids with some toys and the seniors with some low calorie meals.

For now, it is truly hard to say if “Burger King” has descended to occupy its cathedra.

Bon Appetite.

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